Take care of your fleet’s efficiency, driving safety and costs.
Share with us the samples of GPS data obtained from your fleet tracking and monitoring systems and in return our proprietary algorithm will describe company’s drivers driving style.

The driver driving style is classified according to the samples of GPS data and presented on a 10 grades scale. Thus 1-3 score makes an undesirable driver, 4-6 a good driver, 7-10 an excellent one. The key factors taken into account in the final rating of a driver driving style are:

respecting the regulations and limits
Smooth driving
keeping stable speed
accelerating and deaccelerating, sharp braking.

The analysis of billions of GPS samples provided by drivers using Yanosik system allowed to refine algorithms for testing the individual driving style. The credibility of this assessment has been confirmed in insurance projects, and the experience gained allows to use our solution by companies with fleets.

Transport of goods
Car rentals
Public transport

With the above parameters we are able to estimate driver’s responsibility of the road safety, car depreciation and even the fuel usage. This service is both based on the Flotis GPS and other producers of the vehicle monitoring systems data samples.

Have you ever wondered how to reduce fleet maintenance costs?
From now on you can start rewarding responsible drivers who take care of your cars and promote road behavior that will reduce the costs of: insurance, fuel consumption and service. To perform the analysis, it is necessary to provide GPS samples from your track&tracking system. The information is processed by our servers and then returned in the form of assessing the driving style of the section traveled by a specific driver. Using our service does not require interference in your mobile application or the use of additional GPS devices.
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